shift&drive has temporarily closed

shift&drive will be back in a new form in the future. In the meantime, below is the released statement regarding the shift&drive shop that sold Fuel Press products.

Dear Customers,

Effective today, shift&drive will discontinue sales of Fuel Press products, though not for lack of love for their publications or the people behind them.

The decision was made with a heavy heart, as the team at Fuel Press – especially founder Luke Ray and his wife/accountant Min Ray – have been phenomenal to work with from day one.

On March 31st, Canada Post raised their shipping rates approximately 35 percent across the board. Our margins were already fairly thin to begin with and this hike in rates was something we couldn’t absorb nor pass on to customers.

My goal with this partnership was not to make tons of money on the backs of enthusiasts, nor to milk Fuel like a cash cow. Instead, my only aim was to bring Fuel and Tank to customers in Canada and the US at a lower price point than they could directly from Australia.

Due to these recent hikes, we can no longer provide this cost savings for customers.

I’d like to personally thank all of our customers over the past two years. I’ve emailed and chatted on the phone with many of you and very much appreciate your kind words and support for this fun, little venture.

Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto are world class magazines, something I have always explained to people as being a quarterly book due to its quality, and it’s extremely unfortunate the partnership must come to a close. I truly hope you all will continue to support Fuel Press though their direct shop at http://shop.fuel-press.com.

While this may close a chapter in the life of shift&drive, I can guarantee it won’t be the end. The website reinvented itself once before and I am sure it will again.

Again, thank you so much for your support.

Mark Stevenson
Owner, shift&drive

I’ve ordered a subscription through shift&drive for unreleased issues of Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto. Will I still get my issues?

While the particulars of how issues will be delivered to customers has not yet been determined, we will be working with Fuel Press to ensure everyone still receives subscriptions and other outstanding orders.

Where can I order Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto now?

You can order both publications directly from Fuel Press at http://shop.fuel-press.com.

Will you be selling your currently held stock?

We’ve yet to decide what will happen to the stock we have. Once a decision has been made, we will send out an email to all our previous customers and post it on the website.

What’s next?

shift&drive started as an automotive tech blog and has evolved into what it is today over a span of five years. While the future is uncertain, we’re sure there’s more to come, so stay tuned.